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Iconic toy bricks teleport and transform, then handed out for examination AND PLAY TIME. Bonus tricks included.

"Such a clever and organic peice of magic. This is the kind of stuff I absolutely adore! Well done Ian! Well done indeed!" - Adam Wilber

"I love this so much! So visual and fun!" - Simon Lipkin

"Iain has once again created a super commercial visual masterpiece. Wand O Blocks is very practical, very visual, very easy to do and has a truly wonderful look. I can see a lot of people performing this miracle. The really cool part is that it is great for kids and adults as well. Highly recommended." - Craig Petty

"Iain Does it again and brings to market a fantastic and very commercial effect. I Love this effect, I will never "Lego" of it and I know people will be lining up around the BLOCK to get it." - Wayne Goodman

"I really wish I came up with this, super visual and a real worker. Can’t wait to mess around with this!" - Luke Oseland

Wand - Blocks

SKU: 00180818
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