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A unique combination of the Object to Impossible Location effect and Card Magic: The selected card travels to a seven-layer card box.

The gimmick is compatible with PURE Black Playing Card.

A selected card with its corner torn disappears in a handkerchief and travels to a card box... not an ordinary card box! You open the card box and unexpectedly pull out another smaller card box, and another,..., when you take out the seventh card box and open it, you show the selected card inside, matching the torn corner!

The effect starts with cards and ends with cards. It's not only a card-to-box effect because the card box itself is special and surprising. A reasonable but unexpected location.

The multi-layer card box in Final Ending is designed after the concept of "Seven Layer Pagoda". Every time you pull out a card box one after another, the spectator will become more and more excited. The spectator's mood is like a rubber band, being pulled tighter and tighter and finally releasing the most heightened emotions when you take out the selected card in the deepest and smallest card box.

It is a magical effect that will impact your spectator's mind, again and again, letting the spectator feel the fascination of magic.

The gimmicked handkerchief in the package can be used not only for this effect, but also to disappear and appear other small objects.

This effect provides you with high flexibility. You can use any method you like to vanish the selected card, and incorporate it into your card routine - it's very suitable for the final ending of your routine.

What's in the package:
Gaff card case ×1;
Gaff handkerchief ×1.
Skill level: beginner;
Selected card to reasonable but unexpected impossible location;
Highly interactive and high audience participation;
Examinable after the performance;
High flexibility, can be adapted to your own routine;
Suitable for the final ending of your card routine.
Online instructions.

TCC Final Ending

SKU: 183177225527
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