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Magic Makers 36 Inch Professional Grade Magician\'s Silk - Purple Violet Magic Makers only uses the classiest cuts of silk in the production of the Professional Grade 36 inch Violet Silk. This is because, as magicians, we understand the difference between a high quality silk and an ordinary handkerchief. Silk is the fabric used in "real" magic silks for a reason. It is more easily manipulated than 100% cotton or any other fabric. Silk handles so much better than rayon, polyester or cotton when it comes to flattening, squeezing, pushing or making it pop up. You\'ll see what we mean when you put these magic silks to work. Another classic magic tool that belongs in every magician\'s arsenal.

Made From High Grade SilkPerform Silk Routines with EasePerfectly Sized at 36" x 36" for Easy HandlingAuthentic Magic Makers QualityMagic Tricks by Magic Makers

Purple Violet 36 inch Colored Silks- Professional Grade

SKU: 183171761496
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