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A NEW versatile method that requires no sleights using a simple and incredibly powerful routine that leaves audiences astounded at the miracle they just witnessed.

"I have a Magic Wife. She has seen it all. And I got a HOW-DID-YOU-DO-THAT from her with this one." -David Armstrong

"This immediately went into my strolling sets" -Richard Horn

"This has been in my walk around since I got the first one. I had so many requests to see it I wore it out." -Christopher Kram

"Straight into my Pro Sets. The Poker test is THE best magic purchase I have made in a very long time and it helps me get paid." -Tony Chapparo

"This is my opener for table and walk around"

"I used this table hopping at a restaurant and the reactions were great." -Malik

Poker Test 2.0 brings new life and possibilities to the original Poker Test trick by using a NEW and versatile method that allows you to fully customize your routines without limitations.

This new and versatile gimmick allows for ANY cards to be the “prestige” cards. You can choose a different poker hand, use it for a multiple card revelation, or to produce a four of a kind. The choice is YOURS.

Poker Test 2.0

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