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You show the back of a card and ask a spectator to guess which color the face is... red or black.

The odds that he/she is correct are 50/50.

You show the back of each card making two piles... if the spectator guesses red you put the card in one pile, and if he/she guesses black you put the card in another pile.

By the end of the trick you've given the spectator 52 completely free choices, red or black...

You turn the two piles over to reveal that your spectator has identified the color of each card perfectly.

Manufacturer Says
This routine was invented by Paul Curry.

About the Inventor
The definition of amateur would have Paul Curry's picture. By no means a professional performer, he did what he did for love of his art. Despite his amateur status he created effects used in the repertoires of hard-core professionals the world over. Undoubtedly best known for his creation of Out of This World, Paul Curry created effects that are still being used by the intelligent performer. The best reference to the effects of Paul Curry is WORLD�S BEYOND published by Stephen Minch.

What You Get
This is an Instant Download. When you order this effect you will gain access to a detailed instructional video that will show you how to perform this amazing routine! Click on the "Instant Download Penguin" above for more details.

Out of This World

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