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This item is Brand New in its unopened package with complete instructions on its use and illustrations for performing the Serpentine Silk. 

The Locking Control Reel is ideal for slow motion animation effects.  A classic example of this is the Serpentine Silk effect, where a large silk is tied with a knot and then slowly, visibly unties itself, making for one of the most effective routines of visual magic. The explanation of this wonderful effect is described in your complete instructions including 10 illustrations.  

This is a great reel for those who know how to use it and / or are willing to take the time to learn.  The visual magic you can perform with this utility prop is only limited by your imagination.  The reel is made of Brass but has been painted flesh colored as you can see for better concealment in you hands.

Locking Control Reel Magic Trick - Serpentine Silk, Magicians Reel Floating Silk

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