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A joker is set aside from the pack.

Two spectators pick cards.

The cards are lost in different spots in the middle of the pack.

The Joker is wild... how's he wild? If you give him a little shake he turns into one spectator's selected card.

If you give him a little snap he turns into the other spectator's card.

But it doesn't end there... the joker's still wild. If you run him through the pack like a credit card and give him a little shake he turns right back into the joker.

Manufacturer Says
Credit goes to Marc DeSouza.

About the Inventor
Marc is an architect by trade who has taken to magic like a duck to water. Winner of too many competitions to name he excels many of his peers with his abilities in both close up and stage magic. In fact, he was the first person to win the S.A.M. stage competition twice. Perhaps best known for his close up routine “Alice Through The Window Pane” and his color change “ The Shape Shifter”, he can be viewed on two videos, "Award Winning Close-Up Magic" and "Prize Winning Stage Magic".

What You Get
This is an Instant Download. When you order this effect you will gain access to a detailed instructional video that will show you how to perform this amazing routine! Click on the "Instant Download Penguin" above for more details.

Jokers Wild

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