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"Craig has been making waves in the community recently for very good reasons. He is creating masterpiece after masterpiece. EDCeipt is no different; it's incredible!"
- Peter Turner


EDCeipt is the DEFINITION of packs small plays BIG.

EDCeipt is a definitive masterwork exploration of the Calculator Card Principal.

This is EXACTLY what happens. The spectator thinks of any item from a couple of receipts that you keep in your wallet and with no fishing or memory work, you know exactly what item they're thinking of.

It's that clean, it's that direct, and it's that powerful.

Based on a classic but criminally underused principle; the method behind EDCeipt allows your participant to freely think of any of the 30 items spread over 5 receipts and you INSTANTLY know what they're thinking of.

The receipts have been designed to look identical to real receipts from real stores. With UK and US versions available, we've made them from Tyvek. Which means that they FEEL like receipt's but can't be torn and will last for years and years!

Keep these in your wallet and have the ability to perform an effect that gets wild reactions, anywhere, anytime.

But EDCeipt isn't just a one-and-done trick... it's JUST the very tip of the iceberg. Craig has teamed up with a team of magic and mentalism's most brilliant minds to deep-dive, explore and push the boundaries of tricks and ideas that you'd never before imagine possible from just 5 seemingly innocent receipts combined with an age old principal.

EDCeipt by Craig Petty

SKU: 00180887
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