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The cups and balls is a classic. It's without question one of the most powerful and enduring close-up routines a performer can use to fascinate an audience.

When we released "The Penguin Cups" a little over a year ago, the magic community responded with a chorus of support. The Penguin Cups are some of the best worker's cups money can buy. They're a top-end set of cups at $ 99, and you're getting the top of the line in design and materials, but they're not so expensive you're afraid to take them off the shelf! (Similarly designed collector's cups can range from $ 400 to several thousands of dollars).

Then came the Mini Penguin Cups -- every bit as well designed and beautiful as the full-size cups, AND they'll fit into your pocket comfortably with room to spare. Tiny enough to fit in your pocket.

But if you're working a restaurant gig, you want to make a splash not just at the table you're working, but at the table nearby, too. You want to grab people's attention BEFORE you've even introduced yourself. You want them to ask you to perform. For this environment, we proudly introduce the Table Hopping Penguin Cups. Small enough to fit in your pocket but large enough to grab people's attention two tables away, these are THE ULTIMATE TABLE HOPPING CUPS.

Cups & Balls Table Hop Brass

SKU: 862313419
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