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NUMBERS GAFF deck is an assortment of poker format cards including 35 cards with numbers and 20 gaff cards printed on the most used cards in the world of magic: Bicycle Rider back.

In addition to this 55 cards deck, you will have access to a tutorial video (1 hour 45 mins) explaining 11 routines that can be performed with the cards included in the NUMBERS GAFF deck.

You will also be able to create your own routines and customize your revelations such as: birthday, phone number, book page...

The NUMBERS GAFF deck is composed of:

23 cards with numbers (from 0 to 9)
12 cards with 2 or 3 digit numbers
7 double face cards
4 cards with mathematical symbols
4 cards with symbols: Spades, Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds
2 cards with currency symbols: euros, dollars
1 magic square card
1 card with the symbol of Pi (p)
1 special card: 99 on 1

Bicycle Special NUMBERS Red Playing Cards

SKU: 00160212
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