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You can't call yourself a true magician unless you have the means to perform this classic age old trick. Whether you are just beginning a career or hobby in magic or are a seasoned veteran the Amazing Svengali Deck will enable you to engage and entertain audiences with ease. No Skill? No problem. The Svengali deck is practically does the work on its own. Online tutorials make this a quick and easy trick to add to your repertoire.

TRICK: Pick someone to come and selected a card freely. Let their card become lost in the stack. But with a wave of your hand it will magically rise to the top of the deck. Then watch your volunteer's jaw drop as the ENTIRE deck transforms into the same card they selected!

HISTORY: This classic and historic trick was first marked by Burling Hull in 1909. It is one of the most notable tricks on the market and still dazzles audiences. If it's not broke why fix it?

Amazing Svengali Deck - SS ADAMS

SKU: 1831726414692
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