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Dan Harlan returns with an impactful effect you can perform anytime, anywhere. Your spectator imbues all of their negative energy and emotion into three ordinary wooden beads, which then pass through the cord of a necklace as though they were made of smoke. This isn’t your grandmother’s necklace; this is Ritual by Dan Harlan.

Here’s what happens:

You introduce a simple necklace that you have been wearing. It’s a simple cloth cord and three wooden beads. You let your participant hold the necklace and examine it. They can see the beads move on the cord, and the cords are strong and solid. When the spectator imbues their energy into the beads and gives a long slow exhale, you then slide the beads right through the cord. Everything is immediately examinable.

Ritual comes with everything you need to perform this impactful effect, ready to go right out of the box. The cords and beads have been specially selected by Dan Harlan to make this solid-through-solid effect operate smoothly and beautifully. Dan’s innovative handling of this effect fixes all the old problems of swapping ends and hiding the beads so that this classic effect is more visually fooling than ever. Involve your audience in a ceremony that they will never forget when you perform Ritual by Dan Harlan.

Ritual by Dan Harlan

SKU: 00180962
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