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This is THE ULTIMATE Magician's Finger Set
8 Piece Set - 4 Thumbs 4 Fingers & Green Vanishing Silk
These Fingers Are Made and Designed Differently to Fit a Variety of Hand Sizes
They are Standard/Fair Colored for Light Color Skin Tones
Easy To Master Magic Tricks with Magic Makers

Magicians have been using fake fingers to perform disappearing tricks for centuries.
These are truly a staple in performing magic.

Astound audiences with your ability to make things vanish and then reproduce them out of nowhere!
The variety of different fingers available in the set allow for versatility for the both the user and the objects you want to vanish with them.

Each set includes a total of 8 different fingers…

4 Fingers
4 Thumbs
With bonus Green Vanishing Silk*Made/designed for various adult size hands

Magicians Finger Set

SKU: 200715114959
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